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Re: They did, they did

emeye wrote:

There is such a zoom for 4/3, by Olympus.

Of course, it won't fit on Canon (or Nikon, for that matter) SLRs, but you did not state that constaint

Also, the fact that one needs to sell both kidneys and one knee in order to be able to afford it makes it somewhat less than massively popular

I heard such a rumour once, but I have tried not to trace it, you know, like the gold at the end of the rainbow, because would I gaze upon such a splendour, I might just go nuts and get myself an Olympus 4/3-kit without even blinking (and loose my home in the process). It is a real and serious danger.

But let's not forget it is a lens for 4/3 (taking your word for that), so as such it isn't really an f2 in the full sense of the word, ey? Yes, that is how I shall perceive it.

Phew, I have defeated the gear whore (for now).

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