EVFs -- why the slide show effect?

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Re: EVFs -- why the slide show effect?

Anyways, you clearly can't start readout until the exposure has completed as defined by the shutter closing over whichever pixel you are about to read. The only opportunity for parallel steps would be starting 1. after 5. is complete. It doesn't matter how many processors you have, you can't start the read-out before the exposure is completed, that is a property of the sensors, not the processors.

Well, in video mode the camera 1) measures exposure, 2) captures an image, 3) downsamples it to HD size, 4) applies white balance and other picture style effects, and 5) writes it to the card -- and does each step sixty times a second . I don't understand how this squares with your theory that the sensor is slowing everything down, but I may be missing something.

I certainly don't have any knowledge about these things; I just take what I think I know and try to extrapolate to guess at what I don't know.

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