A Nikonian seeking basic (wide-ish) prime advice

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Re: Canon EF 35mm f2 is a nice lens.

Thank you so much for those beautiful examples!

And you are right in that a lens is usually an investment and often a better purchase than a new body. But she does get frustrated by her 350D now and then. Okay, mostly it's the screen, as she focuses manually and uses shallow dof a lot, which means she would like to be able to check she got it right better than she can right now.

How is the focus ring on the 35/2? Is it easy to focus manually? Loose, stiff, flimsy, firm? I'm only asking because this cousin of mine prefers manual focus. When she uses my camera and my lenses she always tries the AF but always switches the lenses to MF in the end. Yes, she is from another era, hahaa. Of course, it's a matter of getting used to something and she would surely become used to AF in the end, especially as she still would have her other MF lenses for that kind of work.

Another option I have been thinking about today is to just give her the money, earmark it as "camera-stuff" and then together with her decide what she wants to buy with it. Let her try the 35/2 in a store. Let her handle a 550D and so on. I guess that would be the best way to go. Also, in this way she could add her own savings to the sum if she wants something which costs more than the money we can give her. Yes, I think we'll do it that way.

Thank you everyone who contributed and gave me advice, I'm much more wiser now, and will be able to help my cousin with her options, :).

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