OM-D class of its own. Deserves own forum

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Re: OM-D class of its own. Deserves own forum

Adventsam wrote:

Detail Man wrote:

Adventsam wrote:

Didn't I say this months ago?

A camera with a smaller sensor than the GH2, worse video than a GH2, doesnt have a flash built-in or decent hdmi support or a swivel screen definately requires it's own forum

Dearest Samuel ,

Let not your heart not fall prey to the fear and doubt sown by dark forces of evil whose numbers are legion, and whose enchantments are but vaporous illusions of omnipotence. Know that beings of the light will always accede to true vision, and heartily embrace the ineluctable single objective truth that governs Cosmos. Come join us in our joyful celebration in the halls of the E-M5 Shrine:

Bless You, Brother.

And you too Brother, Deus tibi benedicas.

Benedicite vos, mea Matsushita Frater. Sum cordis conversione.

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Ejusmodi esse, ut vinceret ipsum per se convenit.

In hoc, stultitiam valorem iudicia circuitum libido et gustat imposuit super aliis est demonstratum.

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