And you wonder why I don't post here much anymore

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Re: iaredatsun Re: And you wonder why I don't post here much anymore



i made an account on serious compacts as result of this topic, of course it does not feel the same as DPR and i'm willing to give it a try for some time.

It does not have as much posts or frequency as DPR, bit similar to Ricohforum if you ask me.

FLickr than has toooo much posts for my likes, and the comments barely go any further than LIKE.

DPR is a bit like home, the base to start with, by now i have made accounts on a few smaller blogs, works for me, one poster and you can comment or share idea's.

Its great that you stirring in the pot made more people post and comment, i appreciate all, all people are different and this reflects in their posts, a good discussion needs some swearing now and than, and unlike other forums, here the swearing seems to rapidly die after one or two posts, we are too polite for this world i fear.


Bart, this does feel like home, you are right, even with all of the regulars that have wondered off...thanks for the reminder of serious compacts, I think I have an account, need to check it.. And yes, we do seem to be more polite for the most part than other forums, except now and then..... I cannot stay away now that I an sit a bit and type here at my desktop, buy my new iPad and laptop offer me no excuses anymore.

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