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Epson 3800

Would an secondhand Epson 3800 be an option?

If the printer was cared for (see note) the quality is after years of use still perfect (no stripes or cloggs) .

In use the cost of ink is lower than smaller printers. But I believe the ink used at start up is also a bit more than a tiny printer; Thus daily switching the printer on and of to print 1 sheet of text may be a waist . On the other hand I'm still impressed with the amount of photos delivered by 1 set of cartridges.

Note about how to spot a well cared 3800:

  • Well cared printer is covered when idle to prevent dust inside.

  • Switched of when not used for more than 24 hour. (because of airtight head parking)

  • Little used with aquarel matte paper. The matte paper with a fluffy structure can mess up printer mechanics when used excesive and frequent. The prints do look great but the paper gives white dust.

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