D60 for low ISO walkaround camera?

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Re: Detailed D3000 Vs D60 Comparison (Re: D60 for low ISO walkaround camera?)

jonikon wrote:

thygocanberra wrote:

RE- the D60 to D3000 comparison - how do people find the difference in ISO performance?
See the 3000 vs D40 and vs D60 in this review.

As my D60 died I am looking at a body in the similar size. Except for the AF (which would be a bonus) D3000 doesn't seem to have much over D60.
Indeed, if a good used D40 could be had maybe it is a good option.

True, it is the better AF that makes the D3000 a better choice. When shooting above 400 ISO with the D3000, I recommend shooting RAW and using some good noise reduction as it is definitely not a high ISO camera.
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OK, so the D3100 is a nice camera but no support for ML-L3, which I use for family shots with flash on a tripod. There are other remotes but don't you have to have them hooked into the flash hot shoe?
Why did Nikon not make the 3100 ML-L3 compatible !!
I'm not really interested in the D3200.

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