new EPM-1 owner looking for good toddler lens

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Re: Wide angle primes

Yah, for 14mm (28mm equiv.) a lot depends on shooting style. As long as you back up a bit (and don't frame too close) the 14mm is a very capable lens - but for me personally, I found that lens extremely challenging to use as a "snap-anywhere / anytime" portrait lens.

For those more into landscapes and environmental street photography, the 14mm is perfect. As a toddler portrait lens though, not so much IMHO. It's proneness to distortion is really it's only flaw - it was very quick to focus, very sharp, and very good in low-light ... which is why I wanted to like it.


BarnOwlAnnie wrote:

Neil wrote:

I had the 14mm and really wanted to love it, but when chasing my toddler around and trying to compose & snap fast, I ended up taking a lot of pictures framed too close with ugly distortions and big noses.

Oh my, that doesn't sound good. I know sometimes I am just lucky to catch the picture of him doing whatever, and I don't have a lot of time to think and compose, so that isn't something I want to worry about! Thanks for the help.

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