Paint chipping question for OM-D Black version owners

Started May 21, 2012 | Discussions thread
texinwien Veteran Member • Posts: 3,326
I've smashed mine hard, twice - no paint chipping

My black OMD has been smashed hard, twice, and no paint has chipped. The first time I banged it was 2 days after I'd gotten it. I stepped onto an unstable rock on the bank of the Danube. The rock shifted, and I fell halfway into the river. The camera took a hard smack against another large rock, as my right arm took the brunt of my fall.

The second time, my girlfriend forgot that the camera was in her lap when she got out of the car. The camera dropped straight onto the concrete parking deck.

I've got three easily visible nicks on the bottom of the camera - indentions in the metal body - but no paint has chipped off, and, thankfully, the camera is still working perfectly.

Additionally, I've put the flash on and removed it a number of times, and there's no chipping on the hot shoe.

I've had the camera for a little over three weeks.

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