Former Micro 4/3 skeptic, E-M5 changes all that

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Re: What EM-5 kit do you go out traveling with?

texinwien wrote:

Regarding dynamic range, again, the DPReview suggests that the OMD does quite well here, in comparison to other modern cameras. You can use the widget here to compare DR performance against a number of cameras:

In addition to the OMD, I plugged in the Nikon D7000, Sony NEX-7, Fuji X100 and Canon 5D Mk III into that comparator. According to DPReview, the OMD has better DR than all of those cameras, on both the highlights and shadows ends of the DR spectrum.

I guess the other comment regarding limited DR would be that a number of real-world users have tested the limits of DR on the OMD, and most have determined that it fares very well against much of the modern competition.

When it comes to harsh light, the JPG DR tests of DPR are not the most relevant, except if you're lazy and limit yourself to JPG (in which case these test are indeed the most relevant for you). But for this purpose it is much better to shoot raw in order to access the whole sensor DR, then process it in a harsh-light capable raw converter (DxO OP, LR4...) or via pseudo-HDR.

Proper tests of raw DR are not available yet for the OMD. It does appear that Olympus has finally caught up with the state-of-the-art of sensor tech; previously, m43 sensors were a bit below expectations considering their size. But that doesn't mean it is likely to match the larger sensors of for example D7000/K-5/NEX-7.

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