GX100 - a bit late to the party

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Re: GX100 - a bit late to the party

I amv still using my GX100 but as a undewater camera re-branded as Sea&Sea DX-1G.

All photos has to be RAW and ISO100 to be useable. and the conditions are always-low light at the limit of what maximum camera shake.

I don't like the long RAW write time, and high noise on higher ISO.

These are neither particularly good pictures, nor high resolution but you get an Idea about the conditions. The background exposures are about 1/20 at f2.5 with 0,65 WA converter and ISO100 but also slightly lifted in PP.


As long as the foreground subject is frozen by the strobe, the camera shake is bearable.

I will change camera soon though, but the system cost (housing, wet-lenses etc) makes me keep cameras longer for UW-use before.

What is the GX100 DR and SNR at base and higher ISO? It would be useful to know to be able to quantify what improvements a new camera would make.

Interesting to hear that GX200 only yields half a stop DR (at base ISO i presume). This was a possible alternative (as buying used) for me, as S&S also made a similar housing set for this camera.


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