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Re: Liveview Bashers

russbarnes wrote:

ThePaleRider wrote:

Unfortunately, it is also the 100% setting which is poorly displayed when zooming in liveview. It makes it very difficult to assess correct focus.

How do you know when it's 100%? Is there a number somewhere on the display, in Info?

It's a little moot when all three magnifications show the same jaggies, even on out of focus areas, giving an illusion of sharpness where there is none.

For many situations, it may not be a big deal or even noticeable, but for fine focus tuning on detailed distant objects it leaves a bit of guesswork still. Remember, my own gripe pertains to shifted lens photography, where the plane of focus does not pass over objects in quite the same was as more "conventional" photography.

I believe that "medium" is 100%, but I will try to find the reference for that if you are interested.

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