The wedding went well...

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Re: The wedding went well...

Marla2008 wrote:

I'm processing the shots a little at random, so so far more are from the Nikon, but there is a couple of m4/3 in the bunch. It really is irrelevant as PP is pretty heavy on all shots , so any native differences are smoothed out.

Yeah, that's really the problem with this set of images. I don't know what impulse drives people to take good quality imaging devices and purposely make the output look bad. Especially for weddings, when there are beautiful settings, decorations, and outfits. Why purposely give people terrible looking skintones? Wedding photography seems to be afflicted by this to a great degree. The over-processed trendy abominations being inflicted today will look as dated and unfashionable as the selective colorization of awhile back (not that I haven't recently seen people still doing that!)

It's simple: capture good expressions with solid compositions in flattering (or at least interesting) light and natural colors. But all the processing in the world can't save you if you can't do that.

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