D800 hindu temple picture

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Re: D800 hindu temple picture

hypercore360 wrote:

I looked at this picture during my lunch house today, and thought about commenting, but at the time decided not to do so. I am looking at it again now (evening), and feel a little more compelled to say something.

  • The title is misleading - yes, it is perhaps a hindu temple, but all we see is the woman. I'll take your word for it that it is a Hindu Temple.

  • Sorry, but what an uninteresting shot. Nothing going on. Yeah, the woman is ringing the bell.

  • If you went by the title, it would have been nice to see the outside or even the inside of the temple itself.

Do you have some other "Hindu Temple" photos to show?

you know what, i think you are right. I am sorry that i took it for granted that others will know that the bells on the door is from a hindu temple. the purpose of this shot is not to show the hindu temple but the devotees that go there, again I am sorry that you find it uninteresting. Maybe some other temple details might be more interesting.

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