Anyone one who has 70-200 VR2 also owns 85 1.8 G,...

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Re: used 85 1.4D?

Yes, it's very good. The blur wall is kind of separating the people or objects from the time,... ( because it blurred the present background, seems like the camera taking the people out of the present time) So, it would make me think of the people from the time I knew them to the time now,....

Cha Chief wrote:

How do you like this Bokeh from the 85f1.8G? The back ground is a brick wall only 15 feet from the lighthouse statue. Can you imagine if the brick wall was 50 feet away? For $499 no shipping or tax that's tough to beat. This image is wide open at f1.8, 1/640sec no PP, 0EV.

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