Anyone one who has 70-200 VR2 also owns 85 1.8 G,...

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Re: Above are images from the 70-200f2.8G and 85f1.8G

Yes, I like it. It's pretty, the object was separated from the background. That's what I like. Thanks for your effort and time. I appreciate your work.

Cha Chief wrote:
Chief wrote:

How did you like the Bokeh? Of course f1.8 isn't f2.8 but it's max aperture against max aperture. @f1.8 the 85f1.8G really shows what it's capable of against a very good 70-200f2.8G. Like I said, this prime is a keeper. I always like it when I can get a good deal. That's a lot of quality for $499 no tax or shipping from ephotocraft. That's the store I bought the lens from.

Syracuse wrote:

Thanks so much that you spent lots of time to do the comparison. Yes, the 85 1.8g is sharper. I have ordered 85 1.8G, since I saw lots of praises on this lens. Also I found there is a link reviewing the 85 1.8G. Thanks again. I appreciate that very much.

Cha Chief wrote:

Sharpness on the 85f1.8G is even better and I without reservation I love my 70-200f2.8G. Boy I'm glad to have done the comparison because now I really know what this 85f1.8G is capable of vs other quality glass. $499? No brainer.

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