"Aputure" Trigmaster Plus vs. Cactus V5 vs Yongnuo

Started May 21, 2012 | Discussions thread
Quicksilver Contributing Member • Posts: 569
Not sure about Trigmaster or Cactus but YN 603s work well so far

Are you using the Trigmasters you recently ordered? (YES)

Do they work? (YES)

Any problems so far? (NO)

If that sums up your experience, I think you are getting what you needed from them and that you made a good choice.

FWIW, I just got a set of YN 603s for my Canon G10 and they were inexpensive as far as radio triggers go. Well-built. Seem to work ok so far. Still playing with them.

I'll be honest, I never looked at the manual at all. Put the batteries in, put one on the camera and one with the speedlite, turned everything on and started snapping away. Wish everything was that easy! LOL

Biggest knock against them so far is lack of locking mechanism to keep a large speedlite securely mounted . Better for studio use than on a flash bracket for candid photography if you have to move around a lot.

Also wish they had drilled out a place in the bottom so you could easily attach them to a lightstand or tripod, etc.

Just ordered a set for my Nikon D300 and can't wait to try them out with it.

As mentioned before, they ship as 2 transceivers and a sync cord. The cord doesn't really go with the G10, but prob works with the higher end Canon DSLRs.

Haven't tried using a transceiver as a remote shutter release, will have to give it a shot.

Seem to be good value so far. Hope the Trigmasters are working well for you. Be interested in your experience with them.


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