I vacuumed the dust out of my SEL 18-200mm lens.

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Tom Hoots
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Well, I've had a chance to go out and do some shooting with the 18-200mm lens, and the end result is that I can't find anything amiss at all. The focus works as it should, the IS works as it should, I can't find any problems with soft corners, or anything like that at all. It just works as it always has, since I purchased it a year or so ago.

I did notice one thing, as I really checked the lens out in some good light:

I didn't actually get "all of the dust" out of it. There are still some very fine dust bits in there -- all of which are several times smaller than the big chunks that I was noticing at f/22. Perhaps they just didn't have have enough mass to get sucked out of there -- beats me. But, they sure don't show up at all -- what showed at f/22 were a couple of really quite large bits that had become attached to the inside of the outermost lens element. And those are definitely, absolutely gone.

In the end, the exercise remains completely successful -- I can't find anything amiss about the lens, and the dust bits that were showing up at f/22 are gone. That's "mission accomplished" for me.

Tom Hoots

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