EVFs -- why the slide show effect?

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Re: EVFs -- why the slide show effect?

You misinterpret what I was saying. I meant that EVF lag -- the slight difference between where something appears in the EVF versus where it is in reality -- is not itself a problem, as evidenced by the lack of problems shooting video. Every video ever shot has been via "liveview."

The fact that in some cases people get good video in no way implies that the lag is a non-issue. It simply means that it isn't always debilitating. Obviously, many people are able to do well but it is quite a leap to suggest that it isn't a problem for anyone, especially considering how many people comment negatively on it.

You're not going to concede this point, really? Every single video, including all sports broadcasts, are shot using some form of liveview. All video cameras have EVFs that are fed from their sensors, yet somehow the operators keep up with the action, regardless of the sport. Again, I think you are misinterpreting my point, despite my attempt to clarify.

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