"Aputure" Trigmaster Plus vs. Cactus V5 vs Yongnuo

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Yongnuo trigger shortcomings

Basically the things about the Yongnuo triggers that I didn't like and would keep them from working for me:

  • Most importantly: The transceivers try to auto-detect whether they should transmit or receive, and there would seem to be no sync input for transmit mode other than the hotshoe. This is a problem for me because I want to plug a transmitter into my light meter for "corded" flash metering mode. If this is possible it's not clear from the manual.

  • It sounds like the transceiver has to be in the hot shoe on the camera for the remote shutter release to work, if I can believe the manual. If this is necessary, I'm guessing it has to do with this autodetection stuff. I'd rather have manual control over tx, rx, or tx/rx mode as I don't know how these things are autodetecting or what they'll do in various situations.

  • The output sync connector is a PC connector and I'd rather have a 3.5mm connector since that would work better with the sync cables I have right now.

  • Not coming with any sync cables is a problem for me and not a good product decision on their part. They seem to assume that you should always be able to place a flash in the hotshoe when this is obviously not the case all the time. Generally I'd rather not do this in a light stand even if I can.

  • It sounds like the actual Yongnuo transceiver units differ for Canon and Nikon. Not sure why. The Trigmaster Plus units seem to be the same and only the shutter release cable differs by camera model.

  • Aputure's manual is better designed, the English is better though not perfect, and it describes the specific types of scenarios that I'm concerned about. (For example, it shows the trigger plugged into a hasselblad or something with no hotshoe, suggesting that "sync in" from cameras and light meters should work.) The quality of the English is just important because it shows more effort and inspires more confidence, and reduces the chance of misunderstanding the docs. Yongnuo's manual has not only rather bad English, but the manual is just plain designed poorly in terms of diagrams, organization, etc, in any language. Normally I don't care about the manual, but Aputure certainly gives the impression that they know more about what they're doing, and if somehow the Yongnuo triggers can even do what i want (triiggering by a light meter or anything with no output hotshoe) then I'd never be able to tell from the manual. It still isn't clear to me if the youngnuo transceiver has to be in the camera hot shoe to be used as a shutter release.

So in short, the Aputure Trigmaster Plus units seem like they should do what I want, and Aputure clearly expresses in the manual that they'll do what I need. The Yongnuos dont seem to do what I need, don't come with cables that this type of product is expected to come with, and the manual is so bad and lacking in detail that some things about how their triggers work are totally unclear.

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