EVFs -- why the slide show effect?

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Re: EVFs -- why the slide show effect?

How did you come to this conclusion? Because some people conjectured so by ignoring everything else associated with taking a photo
1. Sensor erase
2. Shutter open
3. Exposure
4. Shutter close
5. Read-out
6. Then comes that processing into JPEG (or at least JPEG preview for RAW)
7. Writing to card

Though we should note that in a burst 1. could be started at the same time that 6 is started.

Actually, because it is the only answer that makes sense. With enough multi-threaded computing power, there is no reason the camera couldn't do all of this while simultaneously feeding liveview to the viewfinder.

As to the discussions about EVF lag versus the slide show effect, I don't think the former is a problem for anyone.

Really? Many people say they are able to get good shots but few argue that the EVF is on par with the OVF in this regard.

You misinterpret what I was saying. I meant that EVF lag -- the slight difference between where something appears in the EVF versus where it is in reality -- is not itself a problem, as evidenced by the lack of problems shooting video. Every video ever shot has been via "liveview."

By the third or fourth vault, I pretty much had it down, and got some great shots.

This misses the point as a vaulter follows an extremely predictable path.

As do most moving subjects, and I suggest that unpredictably moving subjects are equally difficult to shoot with any viewfinder.

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