5D MK II Happy Owner / Anyone Else Not Upgrading?

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Re: 5D MK II Happy Owner / Anyone Else Not Upgrading?

I upgraded (from 5D1) to 1Ds2 by the end of last year. My friend just bought a 5D3 2 weeks ago. I did a comparison and decided to keep using my 1Ds2, along with 50D as my backup.

Screen: 5D3 is obviously better

Response: 1Ds2 still wins by a small margin

VF: 100% coverage, both are same

AF: 45 pt vs 61 pt, not much difference, 5D3's black AF points and dread red traffic light problem makes it worse

Resolution: 5D3 has 10% more linear resolution (16.7mp vs 22mp), nothing to worry about

High ISO: 5D3 has the best in-camera NR. I just uses my tried and true RawTherapee + NoiseNinja workflow and generates usable ISO 6400 shot for the 1Ds2

Shutter life: 1Ds2 wins by 50k more (150k vs 200k)

Durability: inner construction: 5D3 - plastic, 1Ds2 - cast aluminum alloy, 1Ds2 is no contest winner

Construction, weathersealing: 1Ds2 wins hands down

Battery: Bought a new Delkin NP-E3, been going for 2 weeks in a single charge and still shows full bar (12v 2300MAh, twice the capacity than 5D3 maybe?)

I was tempted to sell my 1Ds2 and 50D and get a single 5D3 but decided to keep what I have after the reviews came out.

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