Micro Four thirds is a picture quality compromise.

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Exactly...you discount the *real* compromises for the sake of photographic compromise

Everdog wrote:

Sure with the right lens and right FF camera you can get some of the best images possible this side of medium format.

The problem is as we all know it is a big compromise in order to "possibly" get that better picture quality. First, there is the cost. FF bodies are not cheap. Specialized lenses cost even more. Next there is the size and weight. No one carries a FF camera around where ever they go. Finally, there are times when you really aren't going to get a better picture with a FF camera over an M43 camera. Maybe the size is prohibitive, maybe you need the larger DoF, maybe as I have run into, you aren't allowed to take a "Pro" looking camera in to a venue.

Anyway, if I was a pro doing studio work, I would of course opt for a FF or even medium frame camera with the best lenses possible. If I was going hiking maybe it is best to leave the 20 pound bag at home and take a small M43 camera.

The truth is, the BEST camera is the one you have with you . Which camera are you more likely to take everywhere you go...besides that iPhone!

It's a straw man argument saying that m4/3 is a compromise w/o recognizing the real impact of full-frame compromises. At the end of the day, if you measure something meaning ful like your hit rate, you realize...full frame (and for that matter, medium format) is actually rife with compromises that outweigh the benefits that they deliver...the majority of the time . But this kind of thinking is uncommon. You might think it's intuitive...but few people are actually skilled at critical thinking.

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