Help: OMD exposure compensation via Histogram

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Re: Help: OMD exposure compensation via Histogram

MT wrote:

When exposing, I use the histogram. I often use +0.3 to +0.7 to compensate as the Oly seem to under expose. However, on opening the files (jpegs), I see...

If you are concerned with jpegs, don't overexpose. Oly's jpeg engine boosts the brightness automatically to take care for the low signal amplification. You don't need to balance it by yourself. (you may want to overexpose in order to achieve some special effect but that's a different thing.)

If you shoot RAW to have control over WB but don't intend to change the exposure in PP and you work with Oly Viewer 2 / ACR (LR/PS) - also don't overexpose. These converters do the same brightness boosting automatically when you open the RAW file. However, there are Raw converters like RawTherapee that don't raise the brightness so you either need to do it manually in the converter or overexpose by 0.7 EV deliberately.

if you want to optimize the exposure and then to normalize it in PP then you are likely to want to overexpose and you have to shoot RAW. Follow the links on ETTR posted on this thread for instructions.

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