The truth about fast glass on m4:3rds thread

Started May 21, 2012 | Discussions thread
jezza__1 Junior Member • Posts: 45
Equivalent to every other equivalence thread

Since you have been here around the same period of time as I have, you should have known a while ago that the most useless and frustrating threads on this forum are those in any way comparing the ft/ff/aps-c.

Any thread that balloons to 8 pages in no time flat is going to be full of nothing but people out-theorising each other to see in the end, who can p*ss higher, over something that in practise can be explained once, in about 3 sentences.

Threads like that make me wish this forum had stickies, that explained the very basic fundamentals, so people could not keep pedalling their misinformation and overcomplication as knowledge. All it does is confuses the issue for people who genuinely want to understand.

Take a breather, and when you come back (it's irresistible, you will want to know if it has changed... It doesn't though lol), try not to get too caught up in the crap. Sometimes you just have to walk away from the computer and remember this is a gear forum, so people will get caught up in gear-head discussions, and endlessly over complicate things that in practise are quite simple. It is a very small minority here that feel they need to enlighten everyone else of how intelligent they are.

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