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You will have a fine time going on your own. I spent 30+ days in Japan with my granddaughter during the summer of 2010. She was 17 and I was 67. Neither of us spoke Japanese - just what I learned from listening to some iTunes Japanese language "tapes". We learned to say Thank you and Sorry. That was about it. And, not very much English is spoken in Japan. But, it wasn't a problem. Just a challenge. We got a little lost from time to time. But, never seriously lost.

We had agreed on a schedule. And, I made hotel reservations for us. All done on line. Didn't have any problem with any of the hotels. Some reservations I made directly with the hotel. Other times I used a Japanese booking agency.

We had train passes. I highly recommend train pass. You will save money and hassle.

We spent 7 days in Kyoto. 10 days in Tokyo. And the rest all over the place.

Shameless selfpromotion - This photo - taken during a festival in Kyoto, won my first only first place on DPReview.

You might want to check my blog - I updated it most every day while I was on the trip.

Do not hesitate. If I could do it with a 17 year old - you and your lady will have a grand time.


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