Micro Four thirds is a picture quality compromise.

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papillon_65 wrote:

whether it be in terms of size, weight, price, lens choices, availability etc etc. That's the point that the full frame zealots seem to be missing. I'd enjoy the dof control from a FF camera but I wouldn't enjoy the size, weight and price. All these equivalence pi$$ing contests are boring and pointless, buy what suits you and go and take some photographs happy in the knowledge your gear is best for you whilst appreciating that it may not be the best for everyone else.
It's a known fact that where there's tea there's hope.

Totally and wholly agree. I do like the balance of all things that M43 provides...but sure, every format has it's advantages and disadvantages. I've just made my mind up, I hope that I'm not going to get into these equivalence arguments again, since they seem to be matters of semantics drawn from the facts, rather than the facts (sometimes on either side) which many of us would agree with anyway.


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