Why has this sensor not been made?

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Re: i already raised EXACTLY this question, many, not all, jumped on me for it

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The 5DIII is not Canon's best sensor by any stretch. The S100 sensor beats it for efficiency, the 1DIV beats it for read noise. In the latter, it's no advance on the 5DII and 50D sensors. We await what the 1D X will do with baited breath, now seven months after announcement and no good raw samples to evaluate. I'm pretty sure when it comes it will be good, but the more Canon sit on it, the more worrying it becomes.

The small S100 sensor also beats all the DSLR sensors for normalized (per area) base ISO read noise.

All Canon sensors, indeed it does. The small pixels high conversion gain mitigates Canon's ropy ADC circuitry. The S100 probably overall is 'Canon's best'.

as a sidenote, I read about a Sony head who said their best sensors are those in the iPhone... It looks like most R&D goes into ultra small pixels

That is exactly the case, that is where the big markets are.

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