Clip to hold flowers still in the wind?

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Re: Clip to hold flowers still in the wind?

rightwinger wrote:

Lots of fine ideas above, and I have a few of the clamps, however when the wind is blowing and you want to shoot flowers, look at a portable light tent. You will also get a great light diffuser.......

I use light tents (large) and small on a regular basis.

However, when shooting outdoors they often ruin the "being outdoors" effect.

Often the tents don't fit well over the flowers (esepcially IF they are tall, or in large clumped shrub format, etc).....

Also, they create a somewhat dull-lighting effect....and priduce an un-natural look.

(remember, there's absolutely no need to diffuse - IF one shoots on a bright but 100% cloudy day)

and thirdly, using a tent will mean...that one cannot get a true outdoor "background' look or bokeh.

The bottom-line's just so much better and less complicated to ONLY shoot flowers outdoors when "optimal" conditions prevail.

Just relax, and let nature dictate to you - when you can shoot.
It's as simple as that


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