autofocus during movies: does the mirror really help?

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Re: autofocus during movies: does the mirror really help?

shademaster wrote:

Can anyone discuss the differences in autofocus during movies on SLT vs NEX? Does the phase-detect AF really matter that much? I currently have a Samsung NX that I love for stills, but as I'm trying to get into taking video, the AF is a bit "jumpy". Maybe even phase-detect AF will be a bit jumpy? (Think toddler moving back and forth in the frame)

Yes, PDAF is better for tracking but there are limitation, like aperture is fixed to F3.5/wide open

Also: for people who do video and have peaking available (I think this is available on all NEXs and in the newer SLTs, right?)... how important is it for your MF-ing during video?

Focus peaking during video (in manual focus mode) makes a big difference. It's much easier to manual focus in video mode with focus peaking

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