Did Nikon Cut Ken Rockwell off from the freebie list? Locked

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Re: Did Nikon Cut Ken Rockwell off from the freebie list?

marike6 wrote:

Also, and this is key: have you ever noticed how an amateur blog like this guys

returned first in a Google search over professionally run and designed sites like
DPR, > IR, etc?

I just searched for "nikon d800" and his site wasn't even on the first page of results. You know who was first after all the google ads? NOPE! It was DPR.

I assure you that KR can barely manage the <p> tags in his HTML editor, much less understand "the tricks of search engine optimization." And based on your comment, I don't think you understand it either. View the source for his page(s) and show me where they are "optimized".

If he shows up at all it's because DPR -- which is the Jerry Springer Show of digital cameras -- simply refuses to stop talking about the guy. That is social engineering, not search engine optimization, and if indeed you do find KR at the top of search results I urge you to go stare into the mirror until you understand why. KR doesn't lift a finger to "optimize" anything. Why should he when you do it for him?

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