Rusty SD14 meets shiny Porsche 911 Carrera S Convertible

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Re: Rusty SD14 meets shiny Porsche 911 Carrera S Convertible


I meant rusty as it didn't get much practice lately, like when you didn't work out for month and you feel stiff and "rusty"

Indeed, in good light this camera is a joy to use. I am living in Dubai for the last 6 years and bought my SD14 here. I have 2 lenses , the 17-70 and the 18-200 OS, the 17-70 is sharper but as a walk around lens the 18-200 is more versatile.

I actually got the 18-200 with another SD14 body for a bargain price here. Not so many people appreciate Sigma Cameras here.

I will for sure check out M.K. Trading, thanks a lot for this tip, Oleg!!


Sigmagus wrote:

Hi Koolpep.

Nice sharp images taken with "Rusty" (did you mean "Trusty"?) SD14. Was it 18-200 OS lens?

Seems you have a good copy. BTW, in 2008 I bought my SD14 + 18-200 OS combo in Dubai. It still works well. Half of my lenses are bought there.
This year I got my new SD1M from Dubai at a very good price.
M.K. Trading is the best place for me to buy Sigma stuff.

If you are local you have good opportunity to get Sigma equipment with warranty service of the best Middle East dealer.

Best regards,
Oleg Gusev

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