Canon SX40 vs. Panasonic FZ150

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Re: Canon SX40 vs. Panasonic FZ150

The SX40 clearly has better IQ at high ISO, but at low ISO it's a more subjective matter. The FZ150 is sharper and has better contrast at lower ISOs, but Canon has more accurate color (not to say the color rendition on the FZ150 isn't good, but simply that the SX40 is better). As many have said though, it all comes down to what you're looking for in a camera. For me, the superfast AF, burst mode, build quality, and handling of the FZ150 put it ahead of the SX40, but for someone else, the higher ISO IQ, reach, and better color accuracy of the SX40 may make that the better choice for them.

Simon76 wrote:

Thanks for your evaluation, it's helped me in choosing between the two.

Could you tell me if you noticed much difference with AF ? Apparently the Panasonic is slightly faster. Is this noticeable ?

Yes, it's noticeable but what's more noticeable is the fact the SX40 simply can't focus in situations where the FZ150 can. The AF on my S95 is the same way, but due to the DOF on that type of camera, I can usually just set it to infinity focus and get the desired result.

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