Hexanon(legacy) lenses Qs...

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Hexanon(legacy) lenses Qs...

OK... i have a very decent collection of 4/3 glass (the better ones are 11-22, 14-54(nonSWD), 50F2, 50-200(nonSWD), 12-60, 14-35, and, 35-100)

i also have some OM mount glass (the primes of which are Vivitar 28mm MC 2.8, Oly F-Zuiko 50 1.8, and a Soligor C/D 135mm 2.8).

I've used the Soligor(with 4/3 bodies) throughout the years but never touched the other OM stuff.
I now have an EM-5 (with 12-50 kit).

i've recently seen some pics taken with m4/3 body(s) using Hexanon lenses that really intrigued me.

i already used my Soligor 135 with the EM-5 and as always I like it very much at all Av.
i just tried out the Oly F-Zuiko 50 1.8 and the Vivitar 28mm MC 2.8.

-the 28mm/Viv has to be stopped down a couple clicks(i should say full stops as it has half stop clicks) before I can accept the images (too much ghost/glow).

-the 1.8 50mm F-zuiko @ 1.8 gives nice acceptable(very minimal ghost/glow) images and real nice/clean/contrast from one (full stop) click onwards.

I've read that the Hexanon AR 50 1.7 is 'the' sharpest lens of theirs (and quite possibly of everyone's stuff at the time) and the 40 1.8 closely follows in sharpness.

I'm wondering how the Hexanon AR 50 1.7 stacks up (or maybe it should be the other way around) vs the F-Zuiko 50 1.8.
i'd like to try both the 50 1.7 and the 40 1.8 Hexanon AR mounts.

as far as AR to m4/3 adapters go is there a better one or some info/issue to be aware of?

And finally... should I just buck up and get the DZ45 1.8? i understand/appreciate the compatibility/functionality issue(s) between legacy and DZ..

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