5D3 and the 600EX

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Re: 5D3 and the 600EX

Keyser Sze wrote:

Skip M wrote:

My Pocket Wizards do just fine, thanks for asking...
Skip M
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How are you using the Pocket Wizards, i thought they don't work with ETTL, i'm waiting on the firmware, but from the roadmap it could be a really long wait


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Who's Keyser Soze?

Flex/Mini TT combo will work only in basic triggering mode with 5D3 (at least till new firmware is out). On the other hand they still work with 5d2 and 7d and 600EX-RT (600EX-RT mounted on the FlexTT) with E-TTL (and 600EX-RT has definitely better range than either 580EX or 580EX2 without soft shield).

I hope PW will release firmware update soon enough. I will eventually buy another 600EX-RT and ST-E3 but would like to keep PWs for my Alien Bees (and later when I upgrade to Einstein's). It's quite convenient to be able to adjust power of studio strobes on camera plus new Sekonic RF32-CTL module suppose to work with new PWs firmware too.

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