SLRGear: 12-35mm reviewed

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Re: No length change?

tt321 wrote:

"The lens has no distance scale or depth-of-field markings. The lens features an internal zoom and focus design, meaning there is no lens extension during focus or zoom operations."

Say it again? Looking at the photos on DPR this is patently false. Makes you wonder how much the rest of the article is trustworthy.

They made a mistake, not that big of a deal. There is internal focus, but no internal zoom. If you keep reading you'll notice that the writer either made a mistake in terminology or that the writer was a bit absent minded when he wrote that because he goes on to say,

"The lens doesn't have any problems with zoom creep, and the zoom action is nicely cammed, providing a smooth turn that has just the right level of firmness."

Keep going down the article and you'll see that they too have pictures of the lens retracted and extended so they know there's no internal zoom.

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