SLRGear: 12-35mm reviewed

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Re: SLRGear: 12-35mm reviewed

The performance is outstanding. I believe Panasonic said these x zooms were going to be the best lenses they ever made, incorporating everything they've learned about lens design, including what they learned from Leica.

Seems to be the case!

I'm also happy to see that Panasonic saw it fit to send the lens to reviewers. The lens was announced today and it's already been reviewed by two reputable sources. Panasonic knows they are onto a winner and they aren't afraid to let reviewers handle them.

I am left wondering what Olympus's strategy will be in the future though. They've talked about "one beautiful system" and they've been releasing lots of primes lately, which definitely keeps with the whole "micro" part of the system.

Will they relinquish this segment of the market to Panasonic? Or will they continue to work on trying to merge four thirds and micro four thirds? I honestly don't see the point outside of those who already have four thirds lenses. The four thirds 2.0 zooms are monsters on the m43rds cameras, completely unbalanced.

I think history will look back at the current time period and call it the golden age of mirrorless.

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