7D took a drop ----- Any idea what repair costs might be?

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Re: Resolution (Well almost)

I tend to agree with you! 9 hrs is a bit long...and there should be some sort of reasonable std estimate fee.

Then again, if you took a college level physics of photography class as I did for an elective many yrs ago and saw how crazy complex lenses can be(& this was WAY before EF, AF, or IS!) you might think a little different at least. It's definitely a bit different at manufacture, they have efficient assembly down to a science there.

Only time will tell, but maybe on the plus side your lens is possibly working better than when new after a thorough go-thru? Taking that long, maybe it included checking alignment on all that glass in there(could be std routine after a drop). If you look up your lens, it has ALOT going on in there.

At least you've got a route to reach who you need to now, but I'd not expect such a large co. to be super swift. The main thing is being told you'll get 100% credit by someone w/authority, & have the person's name. Could be alot worse. Next time you won't promptly pay a charge you're not happy with I'm sure!
Best of luck to you...

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