Examples of M4/3 stitched landscapes?

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Re: 104Mb (36MP) E-M5 stitched image at SoundImagePlus

wolfie wrote:

So M43 for landscape work can easily compete against the expensive and bloated DSLRs with a bit of software tinkering...

I won't get sucked into the DSLR vs M4/3 debate since I think they each have their uses.

What I DO think is that for landscape work, image stitching can easily compete against wide-angle lenses. I wouldn't mind having a 14mm (or even wider) prime, but in the real world of can't-have-all-the-toys-all-the-time, I've found that my 20mm plus Image Composite Editor can do quite a nice job capturing big scenes, without requiring another lens in my kit. Provided of course that those scenes hold still, and there's time to set the camera up for fixed exposure, stable mount, etc.

I have a nice stitch of the new Tillman Bridge (next to Hoover Dam) on another computer that I"ll try to upload later.

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