D800E users? Any regret?

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Re: D800E users? Any regret?

Wow, Vaseline over the lens? Best you and Kai go look at some images from every other Nikon body ever made and see what the results are. Last time I looked the D4, D3S, D800, D*... produce stunning photos.

Diglloyd did a very thorough review which shows some minor differences between the bodies. The d800 image can be sharpened using good PP technique so it is about the same as the D800E with slightly more noise. The differences are visible only in large prints or when viewing at 100%. Bottom line is that there is a difference, the difference is minor, both cams are capable of amazing images, go take photos.

harold1968 wrote:

No, The Fuji patterns attempts to make moire more random and therefore less noticeable, but it could still be there

Its important to understand what an AA filter does

It purposely diffuses/defocuses the light coming in an attempt to stop light rayes hitting a surface area less then the size of a bayer set.
In the case of Nikon it splits the incoming light rays 4 times.

The theory is that false colours could be produced if some sub-pixels in the bayer set are hit and not others, as each responds to a different colour wavelength.

In practice the diffusion is imprecise and does not eliminate moire, as a light circle could, say, cover half of one bayer set and half of another

Pixels are getting smaller and therefore these effects become less and less relevant, as I said, I have never noticed them in years of shooting.

I find it much sharper. Like a badly designed glases have been lifted from your eyes. As Kai Wong said recently , an AA filter is like smearing vasceline over the lens


odedia wrote:

harold1968 wrote:

davexl wrote:

harold1968 wrote:

I don't buy the sharpening thing
You can sharpen anything, but it introduces artefacts

And false colour and moire you get with D800E are not artefacts?

No they are not. And, in practice, they hardly exist

I use the M9 and xpro1 and have never had issues with moire. It's a red herring for cameras with more then 5 megapixels

xpro1 has a different approach to the sensor design which is said to completely remove the moire issue.


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