From FX to DX back to FX

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Re: From FX to DX back to FX

Tan Khokhar wrote:

Just recently sold one of my FX cameras to carry lighter weight DX and lens and got the D5100 + 16-85. In good light, simple straightforward subject, it is great other than than for me it struggles to compare even close to the experience of using the FX. Selling the new kit and have repurchased the D700.

I don't understand your thinking that a D5100 was going to give you the same performance or usability of your D700.

Things that made me change again

• There seems to be NO high quality really wide angles lenses out there and the likes of Sigma, Tokina high rated ones all seems to have varied reports.

Varied reports but there are definitely good DX WA.

• The 2.8' of the pro series just spoil you rotten.

Then use them on DX, like many of us do. There are plenty of "pro" DX lenses also that are highly regarded, and cheaper.

• Just cannot get myself to pay the price of a 17-55 DX lens that is not even VR

Then look at the excellent Tamron 17-50/2.8. 1/3 the price and IQ on par with the Nikon according to most reviews. Unless you need the VR version, but still a good lens. But take out the VR requirement and you have the same lens, with a lesser build but same IQ.... for 1/3 as much.

• Just don;t feel confident with DX especially inside shots...

Then you need more experience shooting.

Overall, I think with the D600 that may come in at a 'low' price, I really wonder of there will be a D300s replacement .... or is it needed?

There certainly better be. There are a whole lot of DX shooters that want the features and build and speed... of the prosumer level. They can't end that line with the D300s.

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