EVFs -- why the slide show effect?

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Re: EVFs -- why the slide show effect?

After reading through most of these replies, I think it's fair to say that, while no one really knows for sure, the issue is likely due to limited computing power. If Sony could have maintained real-time liveview while capturing images (and still hitting target price points), it surely would have.

As to the discussions about EVF lag versus the slide show effect, I don't think the former is a problem for anyone. If it were, then no one could follow action while shooting movies, and this is clearly not a problem.

About the slide show effect, this weekend I shot some pictures of my daughter's gymnastics event. The first few times I tried to shoot her running towards the vault, I was completely disoriented by the slide show and ended up nowhere near where she actually was. However, it really only takes a couple tries to "get it." By the third or fourth vault, I pretty much had it down, and got some great shots. As many others have said, you just kind of keep moving the camera, even though you don't see motion in the viewfinder.

It's a less-than-ideal, but definitely workable solution. And a very fair trade off for the many other benefits of this fine camera.

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