Question about shooting raw + jpg

Started May 19, 2012 | Discussions thread
kevroc Regular Member • Posts: 259
Re: Question about shooting raw + jpg

tom wrote:

With LR3, if you watch carefully, the image starts out as very colorful, but then becomes much less so as the image is built (the first time).

LR first uses the camera thumbnail which has all of your basic settings that the camera would use if it made a JPG. But then it builds its own version using the profile in LR for the camera. Once it has its own images, it uses them going forward.


I always wondered what that was. So there's a small jpg in there for display / review purposes? So really, RAW = RAW+mini embedded jpg?

When LR processes the raw initially, does it change the embedded jpg or is that always there as shot? Interesting....

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