Is there something wrong with my D90?

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Re: Is there something wrong with my D90?

My advise to you would be to spend some time doing some testing in a structured manner: Change one 'parameter' at a time & see how things alter. You have a whole raft of 'parameters', including:

  • Lens

  • focal length

  • distance to the subject

  • exposure method

  • aperture

  • shutter speed

  • ISO

  • metering mode

  • lighting

So where to start?
I'd recommend:

  • lens = 35mm prime

  • focal length: irrelevant because you've chosen the prime lens!

  • distance to subject: select something in your back garden or neighbourhood that you can visit regularly & easily (& shoot it from the same place!)

  • exposure method: select Aperture Priority (A)

  • Aperture: this is the parameter that you will vary

  • Shutter speed: this will be set automatically

  • ISO: select 200

  • Metering Mode: Matrix

  • Lighting: natural light

Now shoot the subject changing the aperture (up & down) between each shot. See how the shutter speed changes for each shot. See also how the depth of field changes for each shot (deeper with a small aperture [high f/number], shallower with a wide aperture [small f/number]).

Then examine each shot & decide whether you like the exposure and then try adjusting the exposure compensation until you DO like it! Make a note.

Then maybe change the metering method from matrix to center weighted & do the same. Then to spot & repeat.

Then change the ISO setting & see what that alters.

Then change the exposure method from Aperture (A) to Shutter (S) and see what changes that makes.

Then change the distance to the subject & see how that alters things.

Of course, you won't need to take 10,000 exposures because this scientific approach will very soon indicate where you personally want to concentrate.

And don't forget to read the user guide to see what it says about each of the different settings.

Good luck!

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