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Re: Did Nikon Cut Ken Rockwell off from the freebie list?

Is the Canon EOS-1D X out yet? Canon announced it back in Oct and said it would be available in March. Where is it? I think the latest estimate is June. Hopefully for Canon users it will be a fantastic camera without any problems whatsoever.

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phototrope wrote:

Given the availability of D800s and the fact that KR makes money from paid-for-clicks, it probably makes good financial sense for him to knock the D800s in favour of Canon at the moment.

Yes, this is the exact reason. If the d800 isn't available, upgrade to the 5d3. He makes money through people clicking those B&H and Amazon links, and neither B&H nor Amazon have any d800s now. It's a good business decision for him to promote the 5d3. Though he's wrong in saying the d800 is barely an upgrade of the d700 apart from resolution.. it has video for starters. That's a pretty major new feature.

He does make a fair point though, Canon is better at delivering cameras. Nikon is pretty bad at this, and they've made a total botch job of this launch. Tens of thousands of people inconvenienced and angry at them. Whereas Canon announced a camera and 2 weeks later it is in stock everywhere. Nikon announced Feb 6th, didn't release for 6 weeks after that, and some people are still waiting now, almost 14 weeks after the announcement.

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