The truth about fast glass on m4/3

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Re: The truth about fast glass on m4/3

As somebody who has been taking photographs for over 30 years, I find this present day fixation with comparing depth of field to 35mm format rather peculiar.

In the past there were interchangeable lens cameras with a variety of formats, some smaller than 35mm and some considerably bigger, and nobody recalculated f numbers to compare to 35mm. For instance, if you bought a Plaubel Makina with an 80mm f2.8 lens, this was thought of as f2.8, not f1.4 equivalent.

If you are confused by the depth of field comparison with 35mm, then I suggest you don't compare the depth of field with 35mm.

A more relevant approach to the choice of lenses and apertures would be to find a depth of field calculator like the "advanced" one at Cambridge in Colour, which allows the DOF to be estimated for print size and viewing distance as well as f stop and the rest.

Using the Olympus 45mm lens at f1.8, it calculates a DOF of 21cm for a subject 3m away and a print size of 30cm. If I keep other parameters the same and put an 85mm f1.2 lens on a 35mm slr, I can get a DOF of 8cm. Is that really important to you?

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