Massive A77 Flash Test (14-image series)

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Re: Auto ISO and flash

Ok. But it's still possible that the lowest power output possible on the flash is too high for such a high ISO sensitivy in combination with the distance to the subject and f/stop used. I've never checked the respective data of the onboard or my actual external flash but I remember that an older flash had a shortest flash time of 1/40,000s. This Metz flash with its internal computer output control had an upper ISO limit at 800 when I remember correctly. This may give a hint that when shooting at ISO 3,200 what means 4x the sensitivy, the needed power output would need to be reduced to 1/4 at same exposure conditions - and this may be beyond of what the flash electronics is able to do. Perhaps there are some external units which are able to reduce more the power output. Then again, these effects should be observed more or less consistantly - what seems to be not the case and this puzzles me.
Michael Fritzen

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