First day with the Sony Macro Flash system

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Re: First day with the Sony Macro Flash system

Nordstjernen wrote:

Some people put insects in the fridge for a while to cool them down, so that they do move slowly

I have to say, I strongly object to harming critters for the sake of a shot and never do it. Sometimes in the mornings and evenings though, temperatures are low enough that critters move slowly anyway, or are resting altogether.

I may build small glass containers to control their movements to increase my hit rate.

I've transported spiders in glass jars gotten decent shots while they were inside before. I don't know how some would take to the confinement though. They might start scooting all over the place in a panic.

While I don't exactly have a high hit rate, the best success I've had has come from slowly (often very slowly) approaching subjects in the wild without disturbing them more than necessary. If they're comfortable with you and not busy with something, chances are they'll stay still.

Or I might go up very early in the morning and look for all these beautiful dew scenes ... I hate mornings!

Haha, I'm not a morning person either!

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