How will Olympus sell any more EP3s?

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Guy Parsons
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Ugly kid with glasses....

jalywol wrote:

Unless they can put in a magnifier for those of use with miserable presbyopia, the viewfinder will be always with us (thank heaven!) (10 years ago, when I could still see small things at a normal distance I would have agreed with you, by the way. I expect by the time I am 70, given how bad my close up vision has gotten by age 54, I will need to hold the camera with LCD, oh, about four feet from my face...or use Coke-bottle bifocals....You are really fortunate to not have to do that.)

I've been short-sighted all my life with a fairly large degree of astigmatism in both eyes, so needed glasses full time from about age 12 onwards. In my old age of course the short vision goes wonky so now I need to use triple focus lenses in my glasses. Top zone for distance, mid zone for medium like monitor peering, and bottom zone for close up stuff like working with my hands on a bench top and reading books etc.

Totally no problem whatsoever using either viewfinder or LCD, I can hold the LCD about 10 to 12 inches from my face with no problems. No pain at all to move the head a little to see what I need to see using the appropriate zone.

I find wearing glasses 100% of the time a boon as they protect my eyes from much dust and wind, I find it uncomfortable to my eyes to take them off even though I can still see well enough to function apparently normally.

For those who have good distance vision but near distance focus is creeping out somewhat then half frame glasses are the way to go.

Regards..... Guy

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