Switching from 1Ds Mark III to 5d Mark iii thoughts?

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Re: Switching from 1Ds Mark III to 5d Mark iii thoughts?

I love my 1Ds III and was hoping to see what prob. Most people are realistically hoping for: 28-36 mpx, better sensor design, maybe a few tweaks in usability and obviously the addition of video. I stopped holding my breath for 16 bit RAW at over 30 mpx with a flash sync time of 1/500 sec or so. That would make my day in a big way.

Anyhow, i consider the 1Dx a bit of a letdown, and as much as I want to get enthusiastic about the c versions, I'm a still photographer and need Canon to not forget us shooting still for all sorts of usages...

I' m also shooting the 5D II since it came out, mostly as a small carry camera for scouts, lightweight backup etc., which I somewhat like but don't love ( the files are fine, thank you). For the newly occasionally video shoots its obviously brilliant.

Well, after the new 5D III was avaiilable a couple of weeks I got one ( along with the new 600 flash) and incorporate it more and more. The high ISO is amazing, the AF is on par with the Ds ( focus point ilumination needs an update) and otherwise handles very well. I like the two card slots, as every Mac book now has a SD slot, it's super practical and the new SD cards caught up in speed as well.

So, what am I missing: the solid feel, the vertical button layout ( remember when the F4 came out, a game changer for magazine photography), and the slightly higher flash sync time.

What I don't like that much: the menus got a little too big, I'm still looking for some switching options, focus screen seems slightly blurred, AF is spot on ( after calibration of course), maybe I finally need glasses, oh and the off switch, as logic as its placed I always forget to turn the camera of.

Finally, I haven't made my mind up and want to get the battery grip to see if I can work with this button layout, and if so, I might forget about the 1Ds series for a while. A bit sad, but I also truely appreciate the additional mpx of the 5D III over the 1Dx and c versions.

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